Monday, 8 December 2008

Hard Drive Update

the external hd is COMPLETELY stuffed...paid $160 to recover files from my laptop and ended up being just photos that are in "my photos"...complained went back and had a "deeper recovery" done and have spent the last coupla days trawling thru all the bits of cyber crap that go onto your machine while "surfing" (I didn't  realiise how much bits of files go onto your hard drive...and how many HUNDREDS of DUPLICATES of the same crap!!!... it's going to take me FOREVER to search thru these files) So after going back to the shop 5 times in 6 days !!!! (doesn't that make for interesting journal in my December Daily Album!!! NOTTTT lol) I have found a few more photos than before but have realised i didnt ask to recover the videos...grrrr....

Hopefully now I have my laptop back I can update my blog though it's not our week (hubby smashed our car on the THAT was a HARD DRIVE...lame joke)...Yes he's fine but it looks like the car might be a write off...and the wombat he swerved to avoid is doing fine too!!!!

Tho I did get to see Maddison again when I had to drive to Mudgee to pick him up..and she crawling....what a difference two weeks can make!! Thanks Kris and Kate for coming to the rescue, picking up Dad and "looking after him" for the nite...Love you guys :0) xoxo

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