Sunday, 13 May 2007

Where Has The Time Gone?

Didnt realise it had been so long since i posted.
The Show was a great day even though it was wet and VERY muddy...the girls loved it and us mums found it just the right size..sooo glad we didn't go to the "Royal" was also great to have a "boy free weekend" no fights, relatively quiet..will have to do it more often :0)

whats happened.....Ashlee has got a job as a cook at "The Lunchbox", seems to be enjoying it tho the early starts and the bike ride is wearing him Brooke is going well and looking forward to her formal. Brent is being bullied at school and as a result has had 2 sets of xrays in the last fortnight :0( Tori is great fun these days and developing into a real character..we have booked tickets to go and see Max and Milly...she wants to see Nemo but I'm not so sure

My shop is going...okay...slowly but surely... and Kym is still working HEAPS of hours

MOTHERS DAY today...was a great brought me a frame and a jewellery box, Ashlee brought me some skincare products and chocolate and kris actually called me. Hope all the mums out there had a great day