Thursday, 25 September 2008

Big Birthday Week

Well the end of September is always a big week for us with Tori and Brent's birthdays only 5 days apart but this year was EXTRA big when the weekend found them both having 5 friends over for parties!

Tori's birthday was actually Tuesday and she got to have some cakes at Playvan with her friends as well as a YUMMY McDonalds icecream cake that night but she got to have her party on Sunday with all her friends coming over having fun playing games and smashing the pinata!

Brent's birthday was Sunday but had 5 mates come over on Saturday and they played army games, rode the motorbike and camped out.

I have to say 6 teenagers are MUCH louder than 6

I love, love, LOVE the picture of when Ashlee opened the boot of his car to show Brent his gift and the look of total surprise and amazement on Brent's face...I wish I had his reaction on video but it's etched in my actually cried to think that his brother does like him after all....and by the way, it was an electric guitar!