Thursday, 27 December 2007

An Aussie Xmas

Hard to believe Xmas has been and gone for another year!

Just as well I got this picture of the 7 of us as Kris had gone again by Xmas. We spent xmas morning at home and then went to mum and dad's for the afternoon. Boxing Day found us at Woolongong beach and we took my sister Natalie and niece Annalise. Looking forward to the new year the view of the fireworks should be spectacular! and then off for some well earned holidays.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Life is HECTIC!!

What an understatement. Brent & Brooke have both finished school and Tori has finished Playvan for the year. Ash & Kym are working up til xmas then they have 2 & 5 weeks holidays. Yesterday after dropping Brooke at her works xmas party Tori and I drove around for a couple of hours looking at xmas lights. When I was home for a few minutes Kris rang and wanted me to go and pick him up and it HAD to be straight away. Hence a trip to Mudgee and back and then when I got home I had to take Ashlee to work. So from 6pm until 5.30am I was in the car and driving. I'm shattered!!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Brooke's Formal

Here are some pics from Brooke's formal. My baby girls all grown up :0(

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Brent's First Parade

Being Remembrance Day, Brent was involved in the local memorial service along with the rest of his platoon as well as the local navy and air force cadets.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Trick or Treat

Brooke had a Halloween party last night. 7 of her girlfriends came over & I took them and Brent & Tori trick or treating over at The Vines (posh! lol) wasn't sure if it was done down here as kids never had it up home, but they made out like bandits. Especially when they stuck the cute little fairy (Tori) up front! We live on acreage and our house can't be seen from the road so I felt bad when we got home and 2 little boys had seen the balloons out front (so Brookes friends could find the house) and had come up to the house to get candy. Only to find Ashlee saying we had no lollies :( I told him he could have given them a muesli bar (NO WAY!) or some of the lollies downstairs (OH WELL!) but they were the only ones who came to our house.

p.s Brooke and 2 of her friends are still in bed (11.32) and I just went and picked Brent up from sick bay and one of her other friends are in there..the reason why I didn't want her having a sleepover mid-week!

Tori's "1st" time at the beach

Well not really but the first time that she can remember it, she ABSOLUTELY loved it when we took her to Port Kembla beach on Monday.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Tori's Birthday and Brent off on his First Bivouac

Been A While

Well here I am once again and what a month or so its been. Firstly changed internet providers and FINALLY got broadband. Then Tori got an ear infection which resulted in a perforated eardrum and we were told that she might have to have an operation. Thankfully after two lots of antibiotics it started to heal but in the meantime Brent ended up in hospital for four days :0(. I picked him up from school on the Thursday and he walked to the car crying, complaining of a headache and he couldnt close his eye properly. Went to the Dr a coupla hundred metres down the road and by then I was having to support him when walking, in the 10-15 mins or so we were there he started to slur his words so Dr said to take him to hospital (5mins or so away). By the time I got there I had to get him out of the car in a wheelchair and in the 5 min after that to get into emergency I was having to support his head, he had lost control of his arm, he was drooling and his eyes were rolling back in his head. TO SAY IT WAS SCARY WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! He had a temp and high blood pressure so they took him straight away for a CT scan & shortly after performed a lumbar puncture (which both came back clear) and he was admitted. By this time he was more himself again except he had developed Bells Palsy where the left side of his face was paralysed. A couple of days later he had a MRI (clear) and the day after that he was discharged. Night before we left I told the Dr his ear was sore and had spots in it, she said she would see him (and did some 12 hours later) when they took a swab and told us that he had the chickenpox virus in his ear and thats what probably caused the palsy as the facial nerves are in that area. We then had an EEG done as an outpatient and FINALLY got test results back when we went to paediatrician on Tuesday and he's been given the all clear. His palsy is just about gone and they are saying that it was probably a seizure due to the virus that caused his palsy.

On a lighter note Tori turned 3 last week :0) We put off having a party as my mum & my sister and her daughter were all away but they come back this week so we will have a combined party seeing as Brent is 13 tomorrow (he's having a seperate party and taking 2 of his mates for a game of lasertag)

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Just For Fun

Well you guessed it..yesterday found us at Luna Park (much to Brooke's annoyance as she had to work). Bit different only going out with Brent and Tori but it was a mostly good day...cept for a few tanty's and it wasn't the kids...

Friday, 27 July 2007


Well today found us, yes you guessed the movies!!! This time round it was The Simpsons Movie, and Tori was actually not running around everywhere so it must have been alright!

I also brought myself an external hard drive to store all my cutting files on as I am sick of flicking thru cd's trying to find the right one..ended upp buying as 250g even tho i went in to buy the 500..well the guy did tell me that 250 would store something like 300 CDs and as i only have 4 at the minute i thought it should do.

We also brought Brooke's dress for the formal (boo what she wanted and I think we were meant to have it. She had mentioned that she told someone earlier in the week she wanted a dress that changed colours and this is blue and purle (her 2 favourite colours). She had also been in there last week and the dress wasn't there and last nite it was...the only one...her size...AND...marked down from $250 to $50!!!!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Where Has The Time Gone?

Didnt realise it had been so long since i posted.
The Show was a great day even though it was wet and VERY muddy...the girls loved it and us mums found it just the right size..sooo glad we didn't go to the "Royal" was also great to have a "boy free weekend" no fights, relatively quiet..will have to do it more often :0)

whats happened.....Ashlee has got a job as a cook at "The Lunchbox", seems to be enjoying it tho the early starts and the bike ride is wearing him Brooke is going well and looking forward to her formal. Brent is being bullied at school and as a result has had 2 sets of xrays in the last fortnight :0( Tori is great fun these days and developing into a real character..we have booked tickets to go and see Max and Milly...she wants to see Nemo but I'm not so sure

My shop is going...okay...slowly but surely... and Kym is still working HEAPS of hours

MOTHERS DAY today...was a great brought me a frame and a jewellery box, Ashlee brought me some skincare products and chocolate and kris actually called me. Hope all the mums out there had a great day