Friday, 19 May 2017


I spent the day a few months ago making collages from 2016 and then decided I wasn't going to post anymore. Then yesterday found me looking at my blog again and decided, why not. So after sending this morning making collages again... here it is.... 2016

January, my birthday. Kris and the family came down so it was extra special. Tori finally got to go on the Sydney Skycoaster at Wet'n'Wild with dad and last minute she decided to change school and went to Kingswood Park Primary school for her last year in Primary. There was also a new addition to our family, the beautiful Miss Georgia xx

February was a quiet month. Tori was loving the shorter distance to school which meant she got to walk to school and ride her scooter. It also found us at our first home game of the footy season. Also Happy birthday to Ashlee xx We also got a new addition to the family, the wonderful Miss Raven :)

March had a few school activities for Tori with Dunking Day and Easter Hat Parade. We also spent easter at Mullaley and Tori was very happy the Easter Bunny found her there. We went across to see everyone at Dubbo and got to meet the beautiful Miss Raven

 April found us checking out the new Panthers Academy. Tori was stoked to be asked to be Georgia's Godmother and Brent her Godfather. We also went to watch a new TV show called Cannonball being filmed. Tori won a pass to Unreal Minigolf for telling a joke during one of the breaks.

 May was Mothers Day. Had a wonderful time with a surprise delivery from Kris & Adi and Ashlee to me to Jenolan Caves and lunch on the way home as lots of other goodies from Brooke, Brent and Tori xx Tori represented her school in Basketball. We went to the Medieval Fayre at Blacktown and Tori got to meet her favourite player Jamie Soward when we went to Meet the Players Day.

June, my nan, Marcie Power, celebrated her 100th birthday. What a milestone!! We celebrated the weekend before with loads of family coming in. We also went and visited her on her actual birthday during the week. Georgia also had her baptism and it was wonderful getting all the family together. We also went to a cake show and took a drive out to Warragamba Dam with Brooke, Matt and Georgia :) Was also Kris' birthday xx

 July was a quiet month. We celebrated Brooke's birthday and just had loads of fun hanging out

August was another relatively quiet month. Tori represented her school in Soccer and also fractured the bone on the side of her hand. Can't forget the other baby, she got new wheels, lol

September was a bit busier. Tori and I went on a school excursion to Sydney University. Tori and Brent both celebrated their birthdays and Tori had a Mad Hatter Party. Fathers Day found Kym being extra spoilt. We had breakfast at the Colonial with Ash, Brent and partners then lunch at Werrington Lakes with Brooke & family then Tori and I took him to the football :)

 October found Kym in the local paper after a home game. Tori had her Book Week parade at school where she also performed her dance routine with the rest of the group. Wet'n'Wild has reopened and Tori was very excited to see all the new dinosaurs and we also got to see the rids riding their bikes a fair bit.

 November. The big event was Kym turning 50. We managed to surprise him when a few unexpected guests were waiting for us when we got to dinner :) We also took him to dinner at Panthers during the week for his actual birthday. Tori went away on a school camp and we went to see the Top Fuelers at the Drags

 Decemeber. Always our busiest month. Tori and I went on a class excursion on a harbour cruise and we also took Georgia to her first RSL Xmas Party. Tori Graduated Year Six and had lots of things going on. We also went back to Brooke & Matts for Xmas dinner as it was Georgias first and her first Santa Photo wasn't a success lol. To wind up the year we continued the tradition and headed to Julie's to see 2017.

All in all 2016 was another great year in the life of my family. A lot of ups and downs but in the end there's noone else I want to go on this journey of life with.

Thursday, 8 December 2016


I made these collages months ago and then I wasn't going to bother posting and now the end of 2016 is here I thought I may as well as it's a great way for me to look back and after so many years would be a shame to stop it now. So here we go...

January found me another year older and having my birthday lunch at Brooke's work with some of my nearest and dearest. Tori was back to Orchard Hills for school and we were cooling off when ever we could

February was Ashlee's birthday, Tori won a ribbon at her swimming carnival and we went to Wellington Japanese Gardens and Caves

The worst part of March was Ashlee ending up in Intensive Care when he came off his motorbike :( . But luckily we had fun times too like Tori's Crazy Hair Day at school, Football, the drags and Brent went to Walking with Dinosaurs with work and took Tori along :)

April was happy times. Finally got to see our munchkins and we met up with them at Easter at Grandmas :) Tori also had her Easter Hat parade at school.

May found us going to vivid and the Medieval Fayre again and having a great time with friends and family

June found us going to both the Australian and Powerhouse Museums. We also went with Brooke and Matt to the Glow Worm tunnel and participated in the Colour Me Rad run. We also went and checked out "Summer Bay"and then they tried to kill me by walking to the lookout, lol P.S Happy Birthday Kris :)

July was a HUGE month besides it being Brooke's birthday we found out she was having a baby and Tori and I got to go along and see her for the first time. Tori won Best Dressed at her school Book Fair, we went to unreal Mini Golf and went to Medlow Bath to check out the snow with Brooke and Matt

August was quiet. We Took Tori to the Science Night at Kingswood High and she won a Silver Award at school as well as being very excited to meet Adam (and his wife Lisa) from House Rules

September is our big birthday month with both Brent and Tori having birthdays. Brent's was extra special as he turned 21. We also found out that "Sunny"was a girl and we were very lucky that my friend Suzy let us stay at her van down the coast for a week :)

I think October is one of Tori's favourite months.  we had a hot spell and went to the river with Matt & Brooke a few times. Met up with Nat and co at Oktoberfest. Tori went on her school camp to Canberra and she also participated in Public Speaking Championships with school. B ut her fave time of year has to be trick or treating on Halloween :)

November found Tori deciding to cut off all her hair, enjoying the Meet the Players Breakfast and getting another overhaul at the dentists. Highlight of the month would have to be Brooke's baby shower. Happy birthday to Kym :)

December found us with all the usual end of year activities for school. We helped Matt & Brooke celebrate their first xmas lunch thrown at their house and got to spend NYE with Julie and the family.

2015 was full of ups and downs as usual and some downs could have broken us but in the end I am in awe of this fabulous bunch of people that surround me and am very blessed to have them in my life.

Friday, 23 January 2015


I had been tossing around whether or not to continue this but it's a nice visual for me to wrap up our years at a glance. So after fighting with Picasa I have made a few collages for the months, even though it wouldnt add some photos :(

January was a busy month. Brent came off a motorbike and ended up in hospital but thankfully was fine. We took a day down the coast to go to Symbio Wildlife Park and the beach. School holidays saw us at Wet'n'Wild, Bingo, the Maritime Museum, Sand Sculptures, Erth's Dinosaur Zoo. Australia Day was spent at Australiana Pioneer Village and then Tori went back to school.

February we we doubly blessed to see the munchkins TWICE :) We went and visited and then the boys (and mum and dad) came to visit so we could do the Colour Run. Tori also had her swimming carnival and we also did a tour out to Shark Island where we did some snorkelling

March was quiet. Tori had crazy hair day at school and also got to catch up with friends at a couple of birthday parties.

April was a great month. We got to spend some time at a friends house down the South Coast and even though the weather was crappy for most of the time and we had no electricity it was great to get away. We then came home picked up Brooke & Matt and then headed over to Nan's for a quick visit and then came home via Dubbo for a visit with the munchkins.

May found us at the one year anniversary of Pops passing. We wrote on a balloon and sent it to him. Was the strangest thing, we kept sight of it all the way up until it looked like it was stuck on the edge of a cloud for the longest time. Tori said granddad was reading it :'( We also went on a school excursion to Minnamurra Falls, Kym did his V8 driving experience at Marulan that I brought him for Xmas and we went to Vivid with extended family

June only held 2 events for us. The first being Luke & Ashley got married and the second was that we adopted a staffy from the pound the day before he was due to be killed. We named him Brocky :)

July was quiet, all bar 2 of these photos were taken the same day. We had a BIG day in the city when we went to the Aquarium, the wildlife park, the waxworks and Sydney Tower all before going to see the Lion King musical, whew! The other 2 photos are a dinosaur exhibit at Westfields and Tori at her athletics carnival.

August, again not much happening. Top photo is Tori at her bookweek parade where she won for her costume as Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. The rest of the photos are from the day we went to Manly Aquarium.

September is a big month for birthdays for us and Tori had her at a pool this year. Kris and Adi also came down for her birthday which is just before Brent. They went out on a harbour cruise for the day and Brent had a car accident which he wouldnt let stop him from having a party. We went out to Brooke's work at a chicken farm so Tori could see the baby chicks and we spent the weekend at the snow with a stop at the Dinosaur Museum in Canberra for our little paleontologist.

October was pretty quiet. Kris & Adi brought the kids down to mum & dads so we got to see them again :) Tori went to the Aqua Park and more bingo in the holidays as well as her favourite thing of the year, Trick or Treating :)

November was really quiet just catching up with friends and cooling off. I also had my 30 year school reunion.

December found us on a drive with Ashlee & Sharni and on the way we checked out Brent's new job at the Go Kart Raceway :) Christmas of course and got to celebrate lunch with most of the family and then NYE went off with a bang with the rest of my extended family.

What a year. Shame Picasa wouldn't play nice and add all the photos but despite a couple of awful moments, for the most part, 2014 was good to us and hope 2015 brings us together just as often :)

Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Last Six Months of 2013

July found us FINALLY catching up with our munchkins in Dubbo as well as going to the drive-ins with Suzy & the munchkins to watch Dispicable Me 2, Walking with Dinosaurs, a visit to the museum, finding a great park in Silverwater and some fun yardwork with the dingo :)

August was fairly quiet. Tori had class assembly, bookweek, education week and an excursion to Muru Mittigar. We also took a trip into Sydney to check out White Bay.

September was FABULOUS. We got to take our first cruise and it was to the South Pacific. We had 7 stops in 3 countries- New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji. We discovered a mutual love of snorkeling and spent a LOT of time in the ocean. It was absolutely glorious and can't wait for our next one. Tori got to spend her birthday at a resort in Suva, Fiji :)

October- besides Halloween, most of our action involved Motorbikes seeing as most of the family got one this month :)

November- this month found us Whale Watching for the first time. A few school activites with Class assembly, Talent Quest and Christmas Carols. Brooke & I took Shelby on the 2 bridges walk and Kym celebrated his birthday.

December, as always, was a busy month. School activities were an excursion to The Rocks, school disco, Presentation night and Tori also received a Silver Award. Christmas activities included Mischief coming to visit, touring the Christmas Lights in various suburbs, RSL Xmas party and of course Xmas dinner with the family. Wet'n'Wild opened in Sydney and we got season passes and we finished out the year with a bang wathing the fireworks at Panthers.

2013 brought me lots of things... the joy of my first overseas flight & first cruise, the pain of losing 2 friends, the heartache of losing my grandfather which was bittersweet as it brought the elation of reuniting with my son and his family. We have had additions to the family and the realisation that some family is lost. Happiness at my sons engagement and sadness at my daughters broken heart. Today, this moment, all is well with me and my loved ones and I hope that carries on through 2014 & beyond. This years set to be a big one with my 25th wedding anniversary and my 30th school reunion

Saturday, 20 July 2013

2013 Second Quarter

April found me being hit by a garbage truck :( We also had a family get together for Deans Birthday. Tori had a disco at school, met Barbie and we went to a car show.

May sadly was the month my beloved Pop Jack passed away. We had a trip home to Mullaley and caught up with family we hadn't seen in years. On a lighter note.. it was Judd's 1st birthday, Mothers Day, we got to Skype with the girls and Brent was on TV

June was a busy month. We went to watch the Vivid light show in Sydney. Tori went on an excursion to Fairfield City Museum. Kris had a birthday and Brooke, Tori and I had a girl day going to Max Brenner, Aqua Golf and Kaos.

Friday, 19 April 2013

2013 first quarter

January 2013 was a busy one for us. Right off the bat was my birthday and the next day my girlfriend Cathy's so we had a combined birthday dinner with our families. Then Kym, Tori and I went off to Bali for 8 days, what an experience! On our return Tori went back to school, year 3 and a brand new teacher :)

February was a lot quieter. We went to Hooters with Ashlee for his birthday. Tori went to the dentist to get a tooth out as she had an abscess.

March found us doing all things Easter. Easter Egg hunts, the Easter Show. Tori started some longterm treatment at the Denist with lots of visits in the near future :/ And the balloons?? That's just Crazy Hair Day at school, lol :)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

2012 in a nutshell...

2012 was another good year for us..

January found us at the beach quite a lot mostly Coogee. We also went to Sarah &Greg's wedding and had a visit from Kris, Adi & Drayden for a few days. Sharni & Brent also got their P's.

February was Ashlee's 21st, Brooke started a new job at Panthers and I was T-Boned.

March found the car being written off and so lots of car hunting. Brent reversed over Toby'scar. We went on an Easter Egg Hunt in St Marys with Julie & her family. 

April found us on holiday at the Gold Coast :)

May was a big month with the birth of the latest addition to our family, Judd. For Mothers Day we went to Mudgee stayed with Kris & saw the girls then drove to Dubbo and saw the boys.

June was Kris' birthday. Went along with Tori's class on a school excursion to Manly. Had a fun day at  Panthers and we also went to the circus.

July was Annalise and Brooke's birthdays. Went to Nurringingy and Go Bananas with Cathy & the kids but the downside was doing chemotherapy cream treatment on my forehead :(

August was a month of visits with both Sharon & Codie and Everton coming to stay. Tori sang at Penrith Performing Arts Festival, went to a car show and Codie and I got matching tattoos.

September is our busy birthday month with celebrations for both Tori and Brent with his being a big milestone, 18 :) Kym's mum and dad came to stay and both Brent and Kym got their first tattoos.

October found Kym starting the back deck. Brooke got her first tattoo and we had lots of Halloween fun with a treasure hunt in St Marys with Julie & co and trick or treating with Natalie B & Cathy and their girls.

Well they say things come in 3's and Ashlee was hit on his way to work one morning and his car was written off.

December was the end of school and Tori got another special award at the end of year ceremony. Lots of Xmas fun from checking out Christmas lights to going to the Carols with the Rochforts. Tori and I went and visited Sharon in Albury and saw out the year there.

Besides the few downs we had with illnesses and accidents 2012 was a good year with lots of time spent with the people that matter most in our life. Here's hoping 2013 will be even better....