Thursday, 14 April 2011

Family Update

I'm updating my craft blog all the time and yesterday I looked across and noticed it had been MONTHS since I was on here sp I thought I better update. No, I'm not going to post TONS of photos just a STACK of

Still in 2010..

We managed to have a wonderful family dinner with EVERYONE whilst the in-laws were visiting. These are the small blassings I am grateful for..

I also managed to get photos of the FAB FIVE as well as the new additions to our family :0)

Then we jump to 2011 and January found a few family memories..

We had Mum and Dad, and Natalie, Scott and Annalise over to help me celebrate my birthday.. Then I managed to win a family pass to Unreal Mini Golf and Natalie and Annalise came along with us for lots of fun and laughter.. Australia Day found us celebrating with Dean and Josie at their house.Was wonderful to have ALL the family there. The next day I had to drop Brent up the coast for work so Tori and I took the opportunity to go  to the Entrance. She had a ball swimming in the surf and the waterpark as well as watching the pelicans getting fed..

February was a fairly quiet month but I did manage to go out for a Girls Night Out with some of the fab mums I've made friends with from Tori's school, as well as Cathy's baby shower and Clawdia had 2 kittens.

March was busy again but two of the highlights were..

Natalie's 30th birthday at Mum & Dad's. I managed to get away for the weekend with the wonderful friends I made through Playvan, Kerrie and Francis (Thanks to Kerrie for providing her van :0)

It's times like these I reflect back and think my life's not sooo bad. I'm extremely grateful that I've managed to spend so much time with family and friends...

Here's to the rest of my wonderful life, thanks for dropping by :0)