Saturday, 26 April 2008

Proud Mumma!

I'm ALWAYS proud of all my kids but I LOVE Brent in his army polyesters. I am very proud of the way he carried himself at the 3 Anzac services he participated in and the fact that he volunteered to be part of the Dawn Service!

Monday, 7 April 2008

SURPRISE!!!!! it's Maddison!

Well I got a great surprise over on my mum on Saturday. She thought the surprise was that I picked her up from work but after making a fake phone call and saying I had to call home first, and then plying her with food & drink for a couple of hours the real surprise arrived. Ironically, only moments before she was saying she will probably never see Maddison (as they live a couple of hours away & she doesn't drive) and lo and behold who should arrive??? but Miss Maddison herself! I thought poor mum was going to faint! Well after a couple of hours, a feed, nappy change and LOTS of cuddles we sadly saw of bubby, mummy and nanny. Hopefully it won't be long til we see them all again.

Thanks to Sandra and Kate if you happen to read this, the visit was MUCH appreciated :0)