Friday, 19 May 2017


I spent the day a few months ago making collages from 2016 and then decided I wasn't going to post anymore. Then yesterday found me looking at my blog again and decided, why not. So after sending this morning making collages again... here it is.... 2016

January, my birthday. Kris and the family came down so it was extra special. Tori finally got to go on the Sydney Skycoaster at Wet'n'Wild with dad and last minute she decided to change school and went to Kingswood Park Primary school for her last year in Primary. There was also a new addition to our family, the beautiful Miss Georgia xx

February was a quiet month. Tori was loving the shorter distance to school which meant she got to walk to school and ride her scooter. It also found us at our first home game of the footy season. Also Happy birthday to Ashlee xx We also got a new addition to the family, the wonderful Miss Raven :)

March had a few school activities for Tori with Dunking Day and Easter Hat Parade. We also spent easter at Mullaley and Tori was very happy the Easter Bunny found her there. We went across to see everyone at Dubbo and got to meet the beautiful Miss Raven

 April found us checking out the new Panthers Academy. Tori was stoked to be asked to be Georgia's Godmother and Brent her Godfather. We also went to watch a new TV show called Cannonball being filmed. Tori won a pass to Unreal Minigolf for telling a joke during one of the breaks.

 May was Mothers Day. Had a wonderful time with a surprise delivery from Kris & Adi and Ashlee to me to Jenolan Caves and lunch on the way home as lots of other goodies from Brooke, Brent and Tori xx Tori represented her school in Basketball. We went to the Medieval Fayre at Blacktown and Tori got to meet her favourite player Jamie Soward when we went to Meet the Players Day.

June, my nan, Marcie Power, celebrated her 100th birthday. What a milestone!! We celebrated the weekend before with loads of family coming in. We also went and visited her on her actual birthday during the week. Georgia also had her baptism and it was wonderful getting all the family together. We also went to a cake show and took a drive out to Warragamba Dam with Brooke, Matt and Georgia :) Was also Kris' birthday xx

 July was a quiet month. We celebrated Brooke's birthday and just had loads of fun hanging out

August was another relatively quiet month. Tori represented her school in Soccer and also fractured the bone on the side of her hand. Can't forget the other baby, she got new wheels, lol

September was a bit busier. Tori and I went on a school excursion to Sydney University. Tori and Brent both celebrated their birthdays and Tori had a Mad Hatter Party. Fathers Day found Kym being extra spoilt. We had breakfast at the Colonial with Ash, Brent and partners then lunch at Werrington Lakes with Brooke & family then Tori and I took him to the football :)

 October found Kym in the local paper after a home game. Tori had her Book Week parade at school where she also performed her dance routine with the rest of the group. Wet'n'Wild has reopened and Tori was very excited to see all the new dinosaurs and we also got to see the rids riding their bikes a fair bit.

 November. The big event was Kym turning 50. We managed to surprise him when a few unexpected guests were waiting for us when we got to dinner :) We also took him to dinner at Panthers during the week for his actual birthday. Tori went away on a school camp and we went to see the Top Fuelers at the Drags

 Decemeber. Always our busiest month. Tori and I went on a class excursion on a harbour cruise and we also took Georgia to her first RSL Xmas Party. Tori Graduated Year Six and had lots of things going on. We also went back to Brooke & Matts for Xmas dinner as it was Georgias first and her first Santa Photo wasn't a success lol. To wind up the year we continued the tradition and headed to Julie's to see 2017.

All in all 2016 was another great year in the life of my family. A lot of ups and downs but in the end there's noone else I want to go on this journey of life with.