Sunday, 31 July 2011

Time for a catch up

Life has been hectic to say the least and it has been MONTHS since Ive updated..

April- Easter time and Tori had a ball with a parade at school, a win in the raffle and the bunny's Treasure Hunt. Family wise we had lunch in the park, went to Mia's baptism, the girls and I had lunch at Werrington Lakes and I finally got to meet my sister-in-law and niece when Zeke brought them up for a day trip. Brent took Tori and I out to dinner and later Tori and I went with Julie to the airport to pick up her kids and we also got to meet the wonderful Thye. Tori got a bronze award from school. I had another Girls Night out this time to Teppanyaki at Emu Plains and we went again as a couple with Julie & the rest of her clan.

May- We went to the Hawkesbury Show with Brent and Tori.

It was also Mothers Day and went went to Sizzler for dinner.  Went to Wollar to do some MORE emptying of the property and dropped in to see Kris and the girls on the way home. Brent has been working with Kym and he brought himself a motorbike. Won another game of Unreal Golf. Tori was invited to Kane's birthday party at Kidabout and I FINALLY got to hold Thye when he finally came home from hospital. I got reading glasses.

June- Brent did his upright course and passed for his motorbike licence. Another visit to see Kris and the girls. Spent the day with Sharni. Brought a new lounge at long last.

This is just a snipit of our life which at time's seems VERY hectic and at other times seems to crawl along.

I LOVE my family :0)