Friday, 23 January 2015


I had been tossing around whether or not to continue this but it's a nice visual for me to wrap up our years at a glance. So after fighting with Picasa I have made a few collages for the months, even though it wouldnt add some photos :(

January was a busy month. Brent came off a motorbike and ended up in hospital but thankfully was fine. We took a day down the coast to go to Symbio Wildlife Park and the beach. School holidays saw us at Wet'n'Wild, Bingo, the Maritime Museum, Sand Sculptures, Erth's Dinosaur Zoo. Australia Day was spent at Australiana Pioneer Village and then Tori went back to school.

February we we doubly blessed to see the munchkins TWICE :) We went and visited and then the boys (and mum and dad) came to visit so we could do the Colour Run. Tori also had her swimming carnival and we also did a tour out to Shark Island where we did some snorkelling

March was quiet. Tori had crazy hair day at school and also got to catch up with friends at a couple of birthday parties.

April was a great month. We got to spend some time at a friends house down the South Coast and even though the weather was crappy for most of the time and we had no electricity it was great to get away. We then came home picked up Brooke & Matt and then headed over to Nan's for a quick visit and then came home via Dubbo for a visit with the munchkins.

May found us at the one year anniversary of Pops passing. We wrote on a balloon and sent it to him. Was the strangest thing, we kept sight of it all the way up until it looked like it was stuck on the edge of a cloud for the longest time. Tori said granddad was reading it :'( We also went on a school excursion to Minnamurra Falls, Kym did his V8 driving experience at Marulan that I brought him for Xmas and we went to Vivid with extended family

June only held 2 events for us. The first being Luke & Ashley got married and the second was that we adopted a staffy from the pound the day before he was due to be killed. We named him Brocky :)

July was quiet, all bar 2 of these photos were taken the same day. We had a BIG day in the city when we went to the Aquarium, the wildlife park, the waxworks and Sydney Tower all before going to see the Lion King musical, whew! The other 2 photos are a dinosaur exhibit at Westfields and Tori at her athletics carnival.

August, again not much happening. Top photo is Tori at her bookweek parade where she won for her costume as Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. The rest of the photos are from the day we went to Manly Aquarium.

September is a big month for birthdays for us and Tori had her at a pool this year. Kris and Adi also came down for her birthday which is just before Brent. They went out on a harbour cruise for the day and Brent had a car accident which he wouldnt let stop him from having a party. We went out to Brooke's work at a chicken farm so Tori could see the baby chicks and we spent the weekend at the snow with a stop at the Dinosaur Museum in Canberra for our little paleontologist.

October was pretty quiet. Kris & Adi brought the kids down to mum & dads so we got to see them again :) Tori went to the Aqua Park and more bingo in the holidays as well as her favourite thing of the year, Trick or Treating :)

November was really quiet just catching up with friends and cooling off. I also had my 30 year school reunion.

December found us on a drive with Ashlee & Sharni and on the way we checked out Brent's new job at the Go Kart Raceway :) Christmas of course and got to celebrate lunch with most of the family and then NYE went off with a bang with the rest of my extended family.

What a year. Shame Picasa wouldn't play nice and add all the photos but despite a couple of awful moments, for the most part, 2014 was good to us and hope 2015 brings us together just as often :)