Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sweet 16

Well hard to believe but Brooke is already 16! We had a family party at home and as they get to pick their birthday menu and she wanted a fondue we brought her her own set. A great night was had by all but she has had a tough week this week. After getting contact dermititis at work (Donut King) we were at the chemist waiting for her prescription and she was talking to everyone around her (as she normally does) when the boss came up to her and told her that she loved her personality and offered her a part-time job which Brooke accepted. After dropping her resume off the boss rang back and said she wanted her full-time and would she being willing to give up DK! She has been really torn as she has started a traineeship at DK and been told she will be up for assistant manager but then she was really tempted by the chemist job. After talking to the boss & manager at DK and being the loyalist she is I think she'll stay at there (hope it's the right decision)

What a Week..

What a time for my camera (new) to die..

Recently I had my in-laws turn up from Queensland (who we haven't seen for a couple of years) and they brought Kym's aunt and cousin who are visiting from Denmark (who he hasn't seen his aunt in almost 40 years and never met his cousin) and they also brought another cousin Shelby who despite living about 10kms away the kids never see. (Funny side note- when Tori was told these girls were her cousins she said "NO, Annalise is my cousin" and wouldn't believe us she had more than one :0) )

Then Kristopher, Kate and Maddison came for a visit and we took her over to meet her aunty, and cousin and Grandad for the first time.

Then it was Brooke's 16th Birthday....

long story short...I had to pay to get Brooke's camera out of layby as well as my trusty "baby" and my mobile phone...we managed...but still annoyed it died in the first place...