Saturday, 20 July 2013

2013 Second Quarter

April found me being hit by a garbage truck :( We also had a family get together for Deans Birthday. Tori had a disco at school, met Barbie and we went to a car show.

May sadly was the month my beloved Pop Jack passed away. We had a trip home to Mullaley and caught up with family we hadn't seen in years. On a lighter note.. it was Judd's 1st birthday, Mothers Day, we got to Skype with the girls and Brent was on TV

June was a busy month. We went to watch the Vivid light show in Sydney. Tori went on an excursion to Fairfield City Museum. Kris had a birthday and Brooke, Tori and I had a girl day going to Max Brenner, Aqua Golf and Kaos.

Friday, 19 April 2013

2013 first quarter

January 2013 was a busy one for us. Right off the bat was my birthday and the next day my girlfriend Cathy's so we had a combined birthday dinner with our families. Then Kym, Tori and I went off to Bali for 8 days, what an experience! On our return Tori went back to school, year 3 and a brand new teacher :)

February was a lot quieter. We went to Hooters with Ashlee for his birthday. Tori went to the dentist to get a tooth out as she had an abscess.

March found us doing all things Easter. Easter Egg hunts, the Easter Show. Tori started some longterm treatment at the Denist with lots of visits in the near future :/ And the balloons?? That's just Crazy Hair Day at school, lol :)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

2012 in a nutshell...

2012 was another good year for us..

January found us at the beach quite a lot mostly Coogee. We also went to Sarah &Greg's wedding and had a visit from Kris, Adi & Drayden for a few days. Sharni & Brent also got their P's.

February was Ashlee's 21st, Brooke started a new job at Panthers and I was T-Boned.

March found the car being written off and so lots of car hunting. Brent reversed over Toby'scar. We went on an Easter Egg Hunt in St Marys with Julie & her family. 

April found us on holiday at the Gold Coast :)

May was a big month with the birth of the latest addition to our family, Judd. For Mothers Day we went to Mudgee stayed with Kris & saw the girls then drove to Dubbo and saw the boys.

June was Kris' birthday. Went along with Tori's class on a school excursion to Manly. Had a fun day at  Panthers and we also went to the circus.

July was Annalise and Brooke's birthdays. Went to Nurringingy and Go Bananas with Cathy & the kids but the downside was doing chemotherapy cream treatment on my forehead :(

August was a month of visits with both Sharon & Codie and Everton coming to stay. Tori sang at Penrith Performing Arts Festival, went to a car show and Codie and I got matching tattoos.

September is our busy birthday month with celebrations for both Tori and Brent with his being a big milestone, 18 :) Kym's mum and dad came to stay and both Brent and Kym got their first tattoos.

October found Kym starting the back deck. Brooke got her first tattoo and we had lots of Halloween fun with a treasure hunt in St Marys with Julie & co and trick or treating with Natalie B & Cathy and their girls.

Well they say things come in 3's and Ashlee was hit on his way to work one morning and his car was written off.

December was the end of school and Tori got another special award at the end of year ceremony. Lots of Xmas fun from checking out Christmas lights to going to the Carols with the Rochforts. Tori and I went and visited Sharon in Albury and saw out the year there.

Besides the few downs we had with illnesses and accidents 2012 was a good year with lots of time spent with the people that matter most in our life. Here's hoping 2013 will be even better....