Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Close Call

Had a bit of a scare here yesterday, was sitting watching TV and could smell smoke for a while, which isn't a strange thing down here and Tori ran in and said "Fire Mummy" to which I calmly replied "yeah I know" until she put out her hand and said "Come look" and yes there was a fire in the paddock next door to us. The winds were EXTREMLY high and blowing towards our house so I was a "little" panicked..until I noticed it already burnt through the fence and was getting close to the driveway..and the neighbours house..I ran down to see if they had anymore hoses but they were sorted as a passerby had stopped to help so I ran back to our house to ring 000 and get our hose out... Long story short 5 firetrucks later the fire was out and everyone/thing was safe..I got some photos but only after everything was settling down...I felt a bit funny last night but I think it was a combination smoke inhalation, ODing on my ventalin and shock...So Spring is here and the bushfire season is up and running with predictions it will be worse than last year :0(

I'd LOVE to cut the 5 acre paddock right next to our house but don't feel like doing it with the push

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

Hard to believe but yesterday was our 20th Wedding Anniversary...

The day started off well with 20 red roses being delivered to my door (though Tori was wondering why there was a strange man on the doorstep giving me

then Kym came home early from work and told me that I had to get dressed as we had to be in the city at 6.30...this jewellery was waiting for me when I went to get dressed..

then off we drove in to the city (with still no idea what was in store for me)...before we got out of the car I gave Kym his present from me. He wanted to see ACDC in concert so I brought him a DVD of a concert...with tickets to their Australian concert inside!!!

We ended up going to Sydney Tower Restuarant, what a view from the revolving restaurant!!!

All in all a great nite, I think this is only the 3rd time we have been out for our anniversary and it was a wonderful surprise that he organised all this for us....

Was a great nite, thanks Bo...