Thursday, 8 December 2016


I made these collages months ago and then I wasn't going to bother posting and now the end of 2016 is here I thought I may as well as it's a great way for me to look back and after so many years would be a shame to stop it now. So here we go...

January found me another year older and having my birthday lunch at Brooke's work with some of my nearest and dearest. Tori was back to Orchard Hills for school and we were cooling off when ever we could

February was Ashlee's birthday, Tori won a ribbon at her swimming carnival and we went to Wellington Japanese Gardens and Caves

The worst part of March was Ashlee ending up in Intensive Care when he came off his motorbike :( . But luckily we had fun times too like Tori's Crazy Hair Day at school, Football, the drags and Brent went to Walking with Dinosaurs with work and took Tori along :)

April was happy times. Finally got to see our munchkins and we met up with them at Easter at Grandmas :) Tori also had her Easter Hat parade at school.

May found us going to vivid and the Medieval Fayre again and having a great time with friends and family

June found us going to both the Australian and Powerhouse Museums. We also went with Brooke and Matt to the Glow Worm tunnel and participated in the Colour Me Rad run. We also went and checked out "Summer Bay"and then they tried to kill me by walking to the lookout, lol P.S Happy Birthday Kris :)

July was a HUGE month besides it being Brooke's birthday we found out she was having a baby and Tori and I got to go along and see her for the first time. Tori won Best Dressed at her school Book Fair, we went to unreal Mini Golf and went to Medlow Bath to check out the snow with Brooke and Matt

August was quiet. We Took Tori to the Science Night at Kingswood High and she won a Silver Award at school as well as being very excited to meet Adam (and his wife Lisa) from House Rules

September is our big birthday month with both Brent and Tori having birthdays. Brent's was extra special as he turned 21. We also found out that "Sunny"was a girl and we were very lucky that my friend Suzy let us stay at her van down the coast for a week :)

I think October is one of Tori's favourite months.  we had a hot spell and went to the river with Matt & Brooke a few times. Met up with Nat and co at Oktoberfest. Tori went on her school camp to Canberra and she also participated in Public Speaking Championships with school. B ut her fave time of year has to be trick or treating on Halloween :)

November found Tori deciding to cut off all her hair, enjoying the Meet the Players Breakfast and getting another overhaul at the dentists. Highlight of the month would have to be Brooke's baby shower. Happy birthday to Kym :)

December found us with all the usual end of year activities for school. We helped Matt & Brooke celebrate their first xmas lunch thrown at their house and got to spend NYE with Julie and the family.

2015 was full of ups and downs as usual and some downs could have broken us but in the end I am in awe of this fabulous bunch of people that surround me and am very blessed to have them in my life.

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