Thursday, 1 November 2007

Trick or Treat

Brooke had a Halloween party last night. 7 of her girlfriends came over & I took them and Brent & Tori trick or treating over at The Vines (posh! lol) wasn't sure if it was done down here as kids never had it up home, but they made out like bandits. Especially when they stuck the cute little fairy (Tori) up front! We live on acreage and our house can't be seen from the road so I felt bad when we got home and 2 little boys had seen the balloons out front (so Brookes friends could find the house) and had come up to the house to get candy. Only to find Ashlee saying we had no lollies :( I told him he could have given them a muesli bar (NO WAY!) or some of the lollies downstairs (OH WELL!) but they were the only ones who came to our house.

p.s Brooke and 2 of her friends are still in bed (11.32) and I just went and picked Brent up from sick bay and one of her other friends are in there..the reason why I didn't want her having a sleepover mid-week!

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