Thursday, 20 September 2007

Been A While

Well here I am once again and what a month or so its been. Firstly changed internet providers and FINALLY got broadband. Then Tori got an ear infection which resulted in a perforated eardrum and we were told that she might have to have an operation. Thankfully after two lots of antibiotics it started to heal but in the meantime Brent ended up in hospital for four days :0(. I picked him up from school on the Thursday and he walked to the car crying, complaining of a headache and he couldnt close his eye properly. Went to the Dr a coupla hundred metres down the road and by then I was having to support him when walking, in the 10-15 mins or so we were there he started to slur his words so Dr said to take him to hospital (5mins or so away). By the time I got there I had to get him out of the car in a wheelchair and in the 5 min after that to get into emergency I was having to support his head, he had lost control of his arm, he was drooling and his eyes were rolling back in his head. TO SAY IT WAS SCARY WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! He had a temp and high blood pressure so they took him straight away for a CT scan & shortly after performed a lumbar puncture (which both came back clear) and he was admitted. By this time he was more himself again except he had developed Bells Palsy where the left side of his face was paralysed. A couple of days later he had a MRI (clear) and the day after that he was discharged. Night before we left I told the Dr his ear was sore and had spots in it, she said she would see him (and did some 12 hours later) when they took a swab and told us that he had the chickenpox virus in his ear and thats what probably caused the palsy as the facial nerves are in that area. We then had an EEG done as an outpatient and FINALLY got test results back when we went to paediatrician on Tuesday and he's been given the all clear. His palsy is just about gone and they are saying that it was probably a seizure due to the virus that caused his palsy.

On a lighter note Tori turned 3 last week :0) We put off having a party as my mum & my sister and her daughter were all away but they come back this week so we will have a combined party seeing as Brent is 13 tomorrow (he's having a seperate party and taking 2 of his mates for a game of lasertag)

2 people who made my day :0):

Cindy said...

I'm so glad that Brent is doing better. How very scary for you *hug*

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back, Ginny. What a difficult month you have had. Thank goodness all is well.