Thursday, 11 December 2008

Emailing Santa

Tori is getting right in to the Spirit of Christmas this year and is already at us to go driving and look at all the lights. Here she is getting ready to send off a letter to Santa with all her requests..which weren't that much actually....playdough and a new brabie (Ashlee broke the one she got for her birthday :0(..she also asked for beer for dad and chocolate for me and I must say I was soooooooooooooo impressed with the letter she received. If you haven't done so already, then check out I'm going to get one for Maddison ;0)

here's the letter she got back :0)
Dear Tori,
How are you, Tori? I was just talking to Mrs. Claus to see if she thought you would write this year. She said that you would of course, and she was right! I know you really must be very busy having started Kindygym AND becoming an Aunt to Maddison. That's all very hard work. Being a sister is hard work too. I'm very impressed with how you are growing up. Time is moving so fast for me that it just seems like yesterday you were a little bitty girl baby. Now, you are 4 years old. I suppose you'll start school soon.
I just looked on my Good Girl List and there was your name right near the top, under the C's! I'm very proud of you, you know. You do try to be really good. Let me see what presents you have asked for. Hmmmmm. A Barbie and some playdough. Do you know that you can mix some of the playdough colours together to make another different colour? I mashed up some red with blue and got purple. That was amazing! The only problem is that you can't unmix them. Once they're together that's what it will be so don't mix them all up or you'll have a really icky mess. I know! HO HO HO!!!
I love that you have asked for some lovely presents for daddy and mummy. Beer and chocolate. Quite a combination. I love chocolate too but I don't think I'd like it with beer. Maybe your daddy didn't think that he'd like to nibble on the chocolate. You'll have to ask him what he thinks about chocolate beer. How does that sound?
Rudolph and the other reindeer wanted me to thank you in advance for the food you said you might leave out for them. They do like a little bite after the long flight from here at the North Pole to the great land of Australia. I'd appreciate a sip of water too. It's thirsty work delivering all the presents. We go soooo fast that it blows the water right out of my eyes.
Well Tori, my dear, I have to go help the elves with the doll production now. One of the dolls came out of the dollmaker with three ears. We can't have that now, can we? I think someone was playing a joke. HO! HO! HO! I'll have to remind them how many ears we are supposed to have. Please tell Kris, Ashlee, Brent and Brooke (and Maddison) that I love them all and you too, of course!
Love Santa xox

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