Thursday, 5 January 2012

The last 3 months of 2011

October found us going back to Wollar for one last time and having a bonfire at the property and briefly getting to see the girls on our way home. Brent got jumped by some guy he didn't know and ended up in hospital overnight and Brooke got to meet Chopper Reid.  Halloween was good this year with Kym taking Tori to St Marys so she could trick or treat with Julie and Co and we also took Ashley trick or treating around our neighbourhood. Tori had lots of fun with Kane and Lilljana at Build-a-Bear for Lillijana's birthday. Family fun found us at Dad's birthday, the park, at Cables and another fab day out boating with the Gatts :)

November found Kym, Tori and I having a great day out- checking out the new Ikea at Tempe, then to the beach at La Perouse and finally to Port Botany to watch the planes landing. Kym had his 45th birthday. We got to meet Jaiden :) Tori had fun in friends pools and I had some great girls time with Sarah. Tori got the day off school for Melbourne Cup day and along with Brooke we spent the day at the Pioneer with Sarah & Lillijana to watch the races. Brent had a job trial which sadly didnt work out but all is not lost and he's back with Kym at work. And last but not least was my wonderful school reunion which I was really nervous about but has a BLAST!!! Cobby, Sharon and Anne all stayed the nite at mine and we were all up til 4am talking! Was WONDERFUL to see my "sistah from another mistah" and I was soooooo sad to see her go.

December was extremely busy as usual.. We got a wonderful overnight visit from 2 of my brothers, Dane and Jake. Tori was really busy at school the last month as Class Gold ran the school assembly, they had Funky Fete Day, Christmas Disco, she won a prize at Red Faces, they had a picnic day and she also won an award at Presentation Day :) Lots of fun with Santas helpers leading up to Christmas Day and lots of Christmas Crafts and baking . We had a great day at the 2010 Class Gold Christmas party at Jackii's again and of course the wonderful Carols by Candlelight. Kym ripped up the kitchen tiles, Tori and I went to the park with the McCalls, and caught up with Rene and Jodie & co a few times. Spent several days getting personalised coke cans, watched Sharni get inked, went to Sarah's dress fitting, to name but a few things we did this month.

And I thought Christmas Day was soooo fab that it deserved its own collage. Just spent the day at home with family. Went across to mum's for an hour or so as Nan was there and she hasn't gotten to see the kids for a while.

Looking back on all the fab things that happened in 2011 and looking forward to 2012 :)

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