Thursday, 5 January 2012


So end of last year I discovered that when Google + merged with Picasa they obliterated photos off thousands if not MILLIONS of peoples blogs.. mine included :'( I had put off trying to fix it because it was just SO depressing as that was almost 4 years of work. Well this morning I FINALLY sat down to do it and realised what a mammoth task it was. At times I was tempted just to delete the bl**dy thing and start afresh but I persisted. I started reuploading all the photos for my posts on my craft blog and after doing just one years worth in the end I bit the bullet and ended up culling a LOT of posts (from 400 odd to exactly 100!!) 2011 posts have the photos but ones from previous years dont and I only kept the posts with important info like getting on DTs etc. Im not sure what to do about my personal blog as Id like to keep it because it has a lot of info of things we have done over the past 4 years but don't know if I am quite up to reuploading all those photos too yet :/

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