Friday, 21 August 2009

Time for a Family Update

Whats been happening in the Wonderful (?) World of Christiansen???

Kristopher turned 22 and we got to spend the day with him, Kate and Maddison (isn't she
Kris and Kate are expecting another baby but are sadly no longer together
Ashlee has been working away in Woolongong with Kym for the last 3 weeks and is off for his 2nd Navy interview next week to become a Marine Technician
that's him jumping on the new trampoline and NO he's crack's not out on display, just looks like
Brooke celebrated her 17th birthday
Brent got a promotion at Cadets and is now a Lance Corporal
He also participated in services for Long Tan last weekend (for Vietnam Veterans Day)
Tori is LOVING preschool and having LOTS of fun with her new friends
We got a new kitten which we named Tilly (the poor thing is still waiting for the novelty to wear off with Tori so she can get 5 minutes peace ;0)
We had a hot air balloon land in the paddock next door

Apart from that it's just the same old, same old...

Hope this finds you and yours well and happy, thanks for dropping by :0)

2 people who made my day :0):

Angie said...

Great collage the scan ... great to hear about the family xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh this is just the sort of thing I like to lok at. Collage, faces to names, a life worth living, huh. And they're all gorgeous!