Saturday, 9 May 2009

Day Trip To the Coast

Last weekend Kym had to go drop off a part to Kangaroo Valley Power Station so we came along for the drive. (photo is of fog in the valley as we came down the mountain)

Afterwards we went to Nowra and grabbed some breakfast and took the Ocean Road from the beginning and dropped in to Kiama to see if the blowhole was "blowing"

Brent and his mate Tim, went for a walk along the rocks and were surprised to come across a seal having a sunbake.

These are some fab photos Brent took (he got a lot closer than me with my zoom

On the way home we stop in at Sizzler for lunch...yummo and afterwards, we went home and dropped Kym off, then the kids and I went to the Hawkesbury Show. It was a fab day :0)

5 people who made my day :0):

Trisha said...

Wow Ginny, I can't believe how close you could get! In my part of the world, the only place you can see any seals is at the zoo or on tv. Are they mean? They are amazing, but I think I might be a bit scared up close!

my5bratz said...

Trish...I couldn't get on to your blog so to answer your question...the boys didn't notice it until it "barked" at them when they walked past didn't try to bite them or anything but you could tell it would get uncomfortable if they got too close

kerrie said...

Wow! thats incredible Ginny! Your pic of Kangaroo valley is amazing, such a beautiful place and the seal, how lucky is Brent, what an experience to remember. Great photos! Kez

Trisha said...

Wow, I'm just so amazed! I'll have to go check out my security settings on my blog, I guess...not sure how to change that.

Angie said...

WOW ... What amazing shots.