Saturday, 1 November 2008

Trick or Treat 08

Trick or Treat time again and as Tori understood what it was about this year (lollies) all we kept hearing was "one more house" The funniest part tho was when someone opened the door to be greated by her yelling "chickaching"
and yes...she changed her mind AGAIN about her outfit!!

Brooke didn't come trick or treating for us as she was waiting...and waiting.. at home for friends to come over for her "Sixteenth Spooktacular" not knowing that Brent had told someone at school that it may have been cancelled (I said that to Brooke the night before when she was in trouble). As a result of gossip spreading through school as it does (and instead of just ringing Brooke and asking her) four of her gf's didn't turn up :0( So not only did she miss out on trick or treating she also missed out on her party as only 2 gals ended up sleeping over instead of 6 :0(

9 people who made my day :0):

jay670120 said...

Great halloween pics . Pity about you eldest daughters party sure she still had a good time though .

daydreamer said...

Great pics! love the outfits, shame about you daughters friends not turning up, teenagers eh? my Daughter is 16 tomoorrow & has friends here tonight (groan!)
Rach x

Anonymous said...

some fab costumes there!
am x

Cindy said...

The kids look adorable ! SO sorry about Brooke's sleep-over, poor love. Still, at least 2 friends came :) Her treat bags look GREAT !!

Enfys said...

Love the photos. That little one looks sooo cute!

Elizabeth said...

Cutest little witch I ever saw!

Shirley said...

Looks like everyone had fun except poor Brooke.
I hope she wasn't too croos with Brent!

{ Emma } said...

Great costumes!

Emma XXX

Helena said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time!!

You all look spooky in your costumes and headgear, lol!!!