Monday, 17 March 2008

Catch Up on Family News

okay, well as you know it's pretty boring in our neck of the woods but here goes... Brooke has gotten herself a fulltime job at Donut King in Penrith as well as still working at Good Grub on the weekends she is keeping herself busy (but NOT saving any Ashlee passed his P's second time round and is now driving himself to and from work and TAFE in the Kia (though he keeps asking to take MY if! lol) Brent went on a weekend biv with cadets this past weekend and came home EXHAUSTED yesterday but thoroughly enjoyed himself! FINALLY seems to be settling in at Kingswood High and making friends. Tori is still doing Playvan twice a week and LOVING it and has also started doing Ballet on the weekends which she she gets to see Hudson for an extra day :0) Kym is away in South Australia again for work this week and is still busy, busy, BUSY! I closed my Ebay shop and haven't been listing any items, would still like to do some craft markets but am still busy with MUMS TAXI. (In one day starting at 5.20 am and last run at 9.40pm I.... Took Ashlee to work, came home, took Brooke to work, came home, Brent to school, home, Tori to playvan, straight to pick Brooke up from work, pick Brent up from school, home, pick Ash up, home, take Brent to cadets, home, pick Brent up..HOME!!!...phew!!! Who needs a fulltime job!!!)

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